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How To Become The New Kpopshop Ambassador

How Kpopshop Ambassador Program Works?

Kpopshop gives you instant access to earn top commissions from sales. You will promote the up to date Kpopshop products, deal and coupon codes online to earn 10% commission on every single sale.

What you get as a Kpopshop ambassador

(Beside 10% commission)
Benefit 1 
Special discounts on Kpopshop products

Benefit 2 

Cheaper product bundles for creating Instagram content

Benefit 3 

Exclusive samples of our newest products before they're live

Benefit 4

A chance to get featured on our social media


What is a Kpopshop brand ambassador?

Promote the brand

Spread the word about Kpopshop by creating promo posts on Instagram

Catch our vibe

Keep your posts Kpopshop-y and use color accents from the color palette of our Instagram feed

Post regularly

Post 2-4 promotional posts and 2 stories per month on your Instagram page

Be active

Feel free to share your ideas and feedback with the Kpopshop team to help us grow

Send feedback

Send us emails to share your insights and tell us how you did

Become our brand ambassador today!