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The BTS Official lightstick (Version 3) - Army Bomb

The BTS Official lightstick was officially released on July 27th, 2018. Likewise the previous version, BTS lightstick can be controlled by a central hub via Bluetooth connection at the concerts of BTS.

Additionally, it can also be controlled via a designated app that’s available on the App Store for smartphones. The item was designed, manufactured and distributed by Compact. D Company from South Korea and officially licensed by Big Hit Entertainment.

The model number of the light stick (ver.3) is BTS x Official 7118G. It comes with a sticker of authenticity on the package. It was launched on the BTS World Tour: Love Yourself merchandise collection.

The light stick looks almost the same as the previous one except for silver detail on the handle that now is gone plus logos of BTS and A.R.M.Y are white now. This version can work for 5 hours with 3 AAA batteries. It can work in five modes. It can emit any color of light however, the brightness of light might be weakened and might glow. It can be controlled at the concerts to enable special light effects and changing colors through pairing the light stick with your seat at the venue – using the app or at a special booth onsite. For this to be operating Bluetooth mode must be switched on with the concert location and the exact seat number inserted through the app. The size of the third version of the ARMY Bomb is 98 x 98 x 224. It is made of ABS, PC, and silicon and weighs approximately 150 grams.

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