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The Monsta X LightStick

The Monsta X official lightstick was published via the group’s social media account on May 14th, 2017 and this very day members of this Monsta X celebrated the second debut anniversary.

The sales were started on 22nd May. This lightstick was an officially licensed product of Starship Entertainment and it was designed and manufactured by Copan Global.

The sticker on its box represents the authenticity of this product. The light stick runs on the three alkaline AAA cells and can be controlled wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection. Colors of this light linked with the albums Monsta X released so far: Pantone 2221 C to The Clan Part 1: Lost, Pantone Dark Blue C to The Clan Part 2: Guilty and Pantone 2405 C to The Clan Part 2.5: Beautiful. The size and the dimensions of the light stick are 96 x 95 x 236 mm. it is made up of ABS and comes a very attractive box of a unique shape which is 95 x 95 x 240 mm in size. A strap and a user guide are along with the stick light in it package.

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