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Discover the Idol Chart Fan Voting ranking for the last week of December 2019 - Kpopshop

Discover the Idol Chart Fan Voting ranking for the last week of December 2019

Come and discover the new ranking of the Idol Chart!

For many months, the Idol Chart site has implemented a ranking based on votes and fan ratings in order to establish a weekly ranking of the most popular groups, singers and idols of the moment.

Each week, the counter is reset to zero and fans can again vote for their favorite artists to get them on the leaderboard.

To vote, fans have several ways:
- Give a vote to the idol, singer or group of their choice.
- Give a rating out of 5 to the idols, groups and singers of their choice in 3 areas: Singing, visuals and performance.

After a week of voting, the new ranking is then revealed, and so on throughout the year. For this week's ranking, the votes taken into account were taken between December 27 and January 2.

While Kang Daniel has been at the top of the rankings for 92 weeks, the new Idol Chart Fan Voting ranking was revealed today:

1. Kang Daniel
2. Jimin - BTS
3. V - BTS
4. Song Ga In
5. Jungkook - BTS
6. Jin - BTS
7. Lai Kuan Lin
8. Park Woo Jin - AB6IX
10. Minhyun - NU’EST
11. SUGA - BTS
12. j-hope - BTS
15. Lee Dae Hwi - AB6IX
17. Bae Jin Young - CIX
18. JR - NU’EST
19. Kim Yo Han - X1
20. Kim Woo Seok - X1
21. Baekho - NU’EST
22. RM - BTS
23. Yoon Jisung
24. An Yujin - IZ * ONE
25. Miyawaki Sakura - IZ * ONE
26. BTS
27. Takeuchi Miyu
28. Wanna One
29. fromis_9
30. Jang Wonyoung - IZ * ONE
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