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HONEYST separate after two years of existence

HONEYST separate after two years of existence

Clamp of end for HONEYST.

On April 26, FNC Entertainment announced that the group was separating.

While the group started in 2017, the boys only existed for two short years before this separation.

In a statement, the agency said:

"Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

While HONEYST members thought of various ways to continue their activities, there were differences of opinion among members about team management. After a long discussion, the decision was made to formally separate the group.

From now on, Seo Dongsung, Kim Chulmin, Kim Hwan, and Oh Seungseok will no longer be active as members of HONEYST, but will now work individually in areas such as music and comedy.

We respect each member's decision and plan to work with each member in their future plans.

We are sorry to bring this news to anyone who was interested in HONEYST.

We sincerely thank you for the affection and interest you have given to HONEYST, and we hope you will continue to support them in their individual activities. "

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