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6 K-Pop idols and their physical peculiarity

6 K-Pop idols and their physical peculiarity

1. The ears of Chanyeol (EXO)

The EXO rapper is well known for his big ears. Difficult not to notice them! Chanyeol did not like his ears when he was younger, but he learned to accept them. He realizes today that this is what makes him unique. Fans will not say the opposite!

2. Nayeon's rabbit teeth (TWICE) Members of her group call her "Bunny Unnie". The singer of TWICE is adorable with her bunny teeth. Fans regularly offer him rabbit-themed gifts during book signings. Some people also raised the fact that she looked like Snowball, character from the cartoon "Like Beasts".

3. The thighs of Hwasa (MAMAMOO)
Hwasa from MAMAMOO has become famous for her beautifully shaped thighs. Although her physique is different from Korean standards - which generally prefer girls with refined silhouettes - many people love her voluptuous body! They do not hesitate to defend it against those who find it big, claiming that it is on the contrary, very well proportioned.

4. Felix's freckles (Stray Kids)
Felix has long tried to hide his freckles with makeup. 
During a V-Live, he even apologized for having them, which fans immediately reacted by showing him their love, and telling him that it was what made him unique. Since then, Felix has regained self-confidence and is sometimes without makeup, to the delight of the STAY.

5. The eyes of Minho (SHINee)
Minho is not the famous flamboyant charisma for nothing, his eyes are the proof!
Many fans melt in front of this magnificent look. Even other members of SHINee noticed this peculiarity when they met him. His nickname in college was also "big eyes"!

6. The smiling eyes of Tiffany (Girls' Generation / (SNSD)) and Onew (SHINee)
When Tiffany smiles, her eyes too! They turn into cute little croissants. This smile will melt you in an instant! A characteristic that is also found at Onew (SHINee).


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