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Kpop Store Near Me

Kpop Store Near Me

What is Kpop store?

K-pop stores are one of the most popular shopping places recently. It contains a lot of clothes, accessories, and surprises loved by followers and lovers of culture across the world.

At first, the kpop shops were located only in the big cities of South Korea, but gradually the Kpop culture began to spread around the world. At the moment, it is not possible to count the number of Kpop shops in the world, 

Where the first Kpop Store is founded?

the first Kpop stores are founded in Seoul, the capital of South Korean back to the early 90s. but now If you are a big fan of K-pop and you visited Seoul you can see a variety of goods, but also experience what the Korean wave is by watching filming sites of Korean drama and wearing Korean singers' real clothes. If you enjoy this theme, you will be falling into K-pop even more than before.

How to find Kpop store near me?

In fact, there is currently no application that can collect all the places from which you can buy K-pop culture products, but you can use the usual apps and some tricks :
 - Google Maps: you can type in the search box of google maps the following keywords;

"Kpop +(city)"

"KPOP near me" or "Kpop shop near me" or "kpop store near me"


"Mall +Kpop"

"Commercial Center +Kpop"

"K-pop Shop"

- MapMyNearest

It's a good website to search for places near you, and you can use it to find a kpop shop near you.


What if I didn't find any Kpop store near me?

Unfortunately, although the culture of the kpop is spread globally, The kpop stores are nor yet available all around the world, but don't worry, this does not mean that you will not get the BTS merch or BT21 accessories that you want, now there is a lot of websites that offer Kpop Merchandise to all Kpopers in all countries of the world, and some of them like our store KPOP SHOP . We have many warehouses in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. They import the last kpop products from South Korea and China to the warehouses and ship it to their customers around the world.



Kpopshop offer free worldwide shipping, and here is the estimated delivery time: 

We ship to all countries of the world, We will process your order within 2~4 business days.

  • Delivery Time (approx):
  • North America: 10~25 business days
  • UK, Europe, Australia: 15~29 business days
  • Asia: 7~20 business days
  • Other Countries: ~27 business days


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